Fashion Show 2017

"Fashion Beyond"

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International Fashion Show "Fashion Beyond 2017"

Our international fashion show supports new designers to showcase their latest designs in clothing. The venue will be transformed to create the unmistakable setting for fashion beyond 2017. The professionally choreographed runway show with stylized models will reinforce the statement and signature of each design collection. Students, faculty and professionals will experience creative engagement in every aspect of the fashion program. Members of the Fashion Show Production class will organize committees dealing with every feature of the show from invitations to choreography and marketing. They will also marshal a cast of volunteers and coordinate their efforts creating their own extravaganza runway show case. The theme is "Fashion Beyond 2017" each student/professional designer can present their collection on any category. Sri Lankan professional models will be used.

Objectives of Fashion Show in Conference

  • Within the framework of an international professional conference young design creatives will be immersed in industry to learn about new innovations and research. Connecting with the people who drive the global aspirational brands. Meet and make new friends forming your own powerful international network.
  • Take control of your destiny and show case your designs for tomorrow’s world, to a discerning and international audience. Your designs, your choreography, your signature on the runway. Show the world you’re ready for business. Make your part of this extravaganza fashion show the one that will open the doors for you. International designers, young upcoming designers, students of fashion & design studies.
  • A unique immersive fast paced fashion show experience. Operate at the top of your game in a professional environment, broaden your skills to create the future of your brand and dare to go beyond. shock, delight and surprise your audience, who are waiting for you to show them the future of their businesses and the lifestyles of the world.
  • The fashion show will provide one of the three platforms where professionals from all areas of the fashion and apparel industry will meet at this international event. Success in our world today is about collaborations. This conference forms the powerful catalyst for new partnerships and the foundations to shape our industry of the future.
  • International and local businesses need and are looking for the best designers in the world, they need to see your work and know your story to start the relationship for internship and design projects. Just knowing you personally is the first major important step.
  • The fashion show will be conducted by observing the moral and social ethics of all regions. We are respectful of all traditions. The world is ready to hear your stories and share your fashions
  • Additional marketing & business opportunities is encourages and available for this event.
  • ICATFD 2017 will provide opportunities to share research findings, innovative teaching strategies, and designs that explore, investigate and resolve issues of our great industry of textiles and fashion.
The Conference Mix
  • Owners & directors of apparel industry
  • Fashion and textile designers.
  • SME textile and fashion businesses
  • Directors/HOD,s of art and design institutions of Sri Lanka & International
  • Media professionals
  • Directors from industry chambers
  • NGOs sustainability and environment
  • Young industry professionals and students of fashion/design/engineering/business management
Important Dates:
  • Date of event: 25th March 2017
  • Rehearsal & fittings: 23rd March 2017
  • Designers arrival with collections: 22nd March 2017
  • Event Venue: BMICH, Colombo Sri Lanka
  • Last Date of registration: 31st January 2017
  • Date of notification of acceptance: 10th February 2017/li>
  • Last date of payment: 28th February 2017
Who can participate:
Open globally to all fashion and textile designers and students of fashion and design who want to present their collection.

How to participate
Fill the registration form, send images of your collection, our team gives approval, pay the fee and youre entered.
Please download the below two registration form, Fill it & Forward
Requirements & details:
The show is divided in to two sessions, one for professional designers & a second for upcoming young designers (students). Designers can present their collection for any season and category.
  • Professional designers the number of outfits permitted is up to a maximum 6-8 outfits.
  • Student designers the number of outfits permitted is up to a total of 2-4 outfits.
Registration fee:
  • Professionals registration fee per designer $260 USD
  • Students registration fee per designer $190 USD

One fee amazingly includes access to the International Conference on Apparel, Textiles and Fashion Design and the industry symposium Color in Fashion – Making it Fast Lean and Green.
Makeup / models / choreography / media marketing / conference dinner / participation certificate

The fashion show event will be managed by
Muhammad Fawad Noori
Creative Design Head & choreographer - Pakistan
Brian Kerkoven
Sri Lanka

Notes: For more details regarding, event, traveling, accommodation and visa requirements please check details on the web site or contact email or call +94 773 940 838

*All garments will remain the property and responsibility of the designer. All reasonable care will be taken for the safety of the garments but no responsibility can be taken by the organizers for loss of damage at any time.

The conferences organizers reserve the right if required to change the fashion venue.

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