Colour Symposium

"Colour in Fashion – Making it Fast Lean and Green."

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Dedicated industry symposium "Colour in Fashion – Making it Fast Lean and Green".

Colour remains at the top of the list as one of the most important customer drivers to buy fashion textiles. The need for product to be faster to market is sighted as essential for any fashion business to succeed. Customers are now globally connected, sophisticated and educated to demand quality, value, stylish design made with respect for people and the environment.

This conference has been created to provide insight into the best available technology, systems, services, processes and agencies who are providing tangible and quantifiable solutions at an industrial scale right now.

Gain insight from:

  • International brands who have adopted new ways of working, educated their workforce, maximised digital communications and management with their global supply chains webs.
  • Dyers and trims suppliers who are working in new connected ways for time, cost, quality and sustainability benefits
  • Colour service providers with most advanced colour management solutions supporting transparency and empowered on time decision making.
  • Dyers, international water and environment agencies, share best practice of what is proven to work
  • Collaborations creating and moving to the shared one world best standards.
  • Forums for discussions/questions and practical demonstration opportunities. New est-innovations and services that will change how every fashion textiles business manages colour in the future.

Colour managers, colourists, technologist, procurement, environmental strategy & compliance managers, heads of design, trends forecasters, academic course directors of fashion design, technology, readers, researches, journalists and anyone who needs to know the next game changing colour innovation to rock the future of fashion.

The not to be missed Fashion Textile Colour conference 2017. Anyone who need to join please email: or call +94 773940838